[Computer Generated Tropical Cyclone SECTOR]

DISCLAIMER: The above 10-minute conversion and gust CONVERSION I provided on the TC Sector is only based given from a recommended wind conversion factors for tropical cyclone conditions by the World Meteorological Organization. Hence the above conversions given are only based on the reference period of 3 second peak gust in 1-minute period, in which as I researched upon, shows the closest computation used by the Joint Typhoon Weather Center and other foreign U.S based weather agencies, and the CYCLONE Category where based on Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale in which I convert it to metric, and using a 1-minute sustained wind speed and wind gust in which is 3 second duration used to calculate GUST FACTOR for 10-minute sustain wind conversions, where estimate the expected OFF-SEA mean wind and GUST FACTOR usage. All the above conversions are NOT intended or meant for OFFICIAL use, but only for my educational purposes based on my Engineering mathematical knowledge. Always REFER to the official weather agencies to get the actual mean wind speed and GUST Factor which are officially used. Usage of conversion factor for agency to agency like 1-min to 10 min conversions are also indicated recommendations from W.M.O. WHERE: Vmax (10-min) = wind ratio (K) * Vmax (1-min), in which I used (K) as gust factor and mean wind conversion factor.

As of 2022 According to PAGASA, they have revised the definition for Tropical Cyclone for (STY), where the old 220 kph wind speed was referenced from (Tropical Cyclone Programme Report No. TCP-23 / WMO / TD-No. 196: Typhoon Committee Operational Manual in Meteorological Component 2022 Edition), from 220 kph it will revised to 185 kph wind sustained measurement as (STY) Category, therefore I also revised the formula given above in which 185 kph as (STY) value string. Windspeed possible calculation error is ~2kph - ~5kph difference compared to PAGASA's 10-min average wind speed calculation and ahead of time data update difference is expected.

Sector data Credits and Provided by: Marine Meteorology Division, NOAA, RAMMB, CIRA and JTWC